Pulse provides solutions for Premium Media Gateways


TelcoBridges TMG3200 Media Gateway for TDM PRI, SS7, C7 and VoIP




The Tmedia TMG3200 application
for terminating VoIP traffic. The TMG3200 can support up to (64) T1, E1, J1 or (3) DS-3s or (1) OC-3/STM-1 voice circuits of either PRI or SS7/C7.

Tmedia TMG3200 Media Gateway termination application

The Tmedia TMG3200 application
for bringing new VoIP services to legacy PBX and Telephone Systems. In this application the local telephone lines are replaced with high density low cost SIP (VoIP) trunk lines.

Tmedia TMG3200 SIP trunking application

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